Privacy Policy

  1. Information collected

1.1 Information you provide to us.

personal accountFor example, but not limited (Username, password, e-mail address or phone number; Date of birth Your display language You can also choose to share your location on your profile and posts, and upload your address book to help find people you may know. (Your profile information, which includes your display name and username, is always public, but you can use either your real name or an alias. You can create multiple accounts, to express different parts of your professional identity or otherwise.

professional account,Such as professional category, and other information, including street address, contact email address and contact phone number, all of which will always be public.

payment informationIn order for you to purchase advertising or other offers offered as part of our paid products and services, you will need to provide us with payment information, including your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code and billing address.

Preferences informationWhen you set your preferences, we collect this information so that we can respect your preferences.

1.2 Information we collect when you use

When you use our services, we collect information about how you use our products and services. We use this information to provide you with products and services,

Usage information.We collect information about your activity on, such as:

- Contents you publish and information about your broadcasting activity, (the broadcasts you have created and when they were created, the lists, bookmarks and the communities you are part of.)

Your interactions with other Users' Content (posts, likes, shares, replies, if other Users mention or tag you in Content or if you mention them and broadcasts you have participated in (including your watch history, listening, commenting, speaking and replying).

How you interact with others on the platform, such as who you follow and who follows you, and when you use it, which includes the contents of messages, recipients, and the date and time of messages.

Contact information and its content when you contact us via e-mail

Information about the links you interact with via our Services (including emails sent to you).

Purchase and payments.We collect information about your transactions (the time of its expiration or automatic renewal, and the amounts paid).

device information.We collect information about the devices you use

-About connection (IP address and browser type. )

About your device and its settings (Device ID, operating system, carrier, language, memory, installed apps, battery level, and your device's address book, if you choose to share it with us.)

Location informationWe collect certain information about your location to provide the service you expect, including displaying relevant ads. You can also choose to share your current exact location or places where you have previously used by enabling these settings in your account.


Inferred identity.When you log into on a browser or device, we will associate that browser or device with your account. Subject to your settings, we also associate your account with browsers or devices other than the ones you use to log in to (or associate your device or the browser you're signed out of with other browsers, devices, or identifiers for

When you provide other information to, including your email address or phone number, we associate that information with your account. Depending on your settings, we may also use this information to infer other information about your identity. When you access and are not logged in, we may infer your identity based on the information we collect.

log information.We collect information when you view or otherwise interact with our products and services, even if you do not create an account or log out, such as:

- IP address; browser type and language; The operating system; the referenced web page; access times visited pages; your location; your mobile carrier; Device information (including device and app identifiers); search terms and identifiers (including those not provided as queries); ads shown to you on; identifiers generated on; and identifiers associated with cookies. We also receive log information when you click, view, or interact with links on our Services, including when you install another app via


ads.When you view or interact with ads we display on or off, we may collect information about those views or interactions (for example, watching a video ad or pre-viewing, clicking on an ad, interacting with a post or responses to an ad) .

Cookies and similar technologies.We use cookies and similar technologies to collect additional website usage data and operate our services. Cookies are not required for many parts of our products and services such as searching and searching public profiles.

Interactions with our content on third party websites.When you view our content on third-party websites that integrate content such as timelines or post buttons, we may receive log information that includes the webpage you visited


1.3 Information we receive from third parties.


Advertising partners, developers and publishers.Our advertising partners share information with us, such as browser cookie identifiers, identifiers generated by, mobile device identifiers, and user information such as email addresses, demographic data, interests, content displayed, or actions taken on a website or app. Some of our advertising partners, particularly our advertisers, may also collect similar information directly from their website or app by integrating our advertising technology. Information shared by advertising partners and affiliates or that collects from the websites and apps of advertising partners and affiliates may be combined with other information you share with that receives, creates, or infers about you elsewhere.

Third party, account connections, and integrations.We may be able to collect information about you from third parties that are not our advertising partners, such as users, developers, and other partners who help us assess the safety and quality of content on our platform and other affiliates and services that you link to your account. You may choose to associate your account with your account on another Service, and that other Service may send us information about your account on that Service.

  1. How we use the information

2.1 To operate, improve, and customize our Services.

We use the information we collect to provide and operate products and services. To improve and customize our products and services so that you have a better experience on, including showing you more relevant content and ads, suggesting people and topics to follow, enabling and helping you discover affiliates, apps and services Third Party.

We may use the information we collect from other Services accounts that you choose to link your account on to provide you with features such as cross-posting or authentication across the Services, and to operate our Services.

We use your contact information to help others find your account if your settings allow it, including through third-party customer services and apps.

We use your information to deliver our advertising services and sponsored content to you, which helps make ads on more relevant to you. We also use this information to measure the effectiveness of ads and to help recognize your devices to serve ads to you on and off Some of our advertising partners also help us collect similar information directly from their website or apps by integrating our advertising technology. Information shared by our advertising partners and affiliates or that collects from the websites and apps of our advertising partners and affiliates may be combined with other information you share with that receives, creates, or infers about you, as described where else.

2.2 Enhance safety and security.

We use the information we collect to provide the safety and security of our users, products, services, and your account. This includes verifying your identity, authenticating your account, and defending against fraud, unauthorized use, and illegal activity.

Use the information to evaluate and influence the integrity and quality of content on - this includes investigating and enforcing our policies and terms, based on applicable law.

3 .2. Measure, analyze and improve our services.

We use the information we collect to measure and analyze the effectiveness of our products and services and to better understand how they are used in order to improve them.

2.4 Communicate with you about our services.

We use the information we collect to communicate with you about our products and services, including product updates and changes to our policies and terms. If you are open to communicating with us, we may also send you marketing messages from time to time.

2.5 Research.

We use the information you share with us, or that we collect to conduct research, surveys, product testing, and troubleshooting to help us operate and improve our products and services.


  1. Information exchange

3.1 When you fall, post and share

with the general public. We disclose that information as widely as possible. Your profile information (eg, name/nickname, username, and profile pictures), is available for viewing by the general public. The audience does not need to be logged in to view a lot of content on They may also find content outside of, for example from search query results on Internet search engines.

With other users.Depends on the settings and based on the products and services you are using, we will share:

-Your interactions with other users' content, such as likes and people you follow.

-Content you send to a specific user, for example through direct messages. Please keep in mind that if you share information such as Direct Messages or Protected Tweets with someone else who accesses through a third-party service, the information may be shared with the third-party service.

with partners.Depending on your settings, we also provide certain third parties with information to help us provide or operate our products and services. You can control whether shares your personal information with these partners by using the "Share data with business partners" option in your Privacy and Security settings. (This setting does not control sharing described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, such as when we share information with our service providers, or through partnerships.)

3.2 With third parties

with service providers.We may share your information with service providers that perform functions and provide services on our behalf, including payment service providers that facilitate payments; service providers who host our blogs; Service providers who help us understand the use of our Services; and those that provide fraud detection services.

with advertisers.Advertising revenue enables us to offer our products and services. Advertisers may obtain information from your interaction with their advertisements on or off For example, if you click on an external link or advertisement on our Services, the advertiser or website operator may detect that you came from, along with other information associated with the advertisement you clicked, such as the characteristics of the intended audience. To access other identifiers generated by for this ad. They may also collect other personal information from you, such as cookie identifiers or your IP address.

Third Party Content and Integrations.We share or disclose your information with your consent or direction, such as when you transfer a third-party app or web client to access your account or when you direct us to share your feedback with a company. Likewise, to improve your experience, we work with third party partners to display their video content on or to allow cross-platform sharing. When you view or interact with content from video or cross-platform sharing partners, they may receive and process your personal information as described in their privacy policies. For video content, you can set the autoplay settings file if you prefer that this content not be played automatically.

Through our APIs.We use and embed technology to make public information available to websites, apps, etc. for their use, for example, displaying posts on a news website or analyzing what people mention on Generally, we make this content available in limited quantities for free and charge a license fee for widespread access. We have terms that govern how this information is used, and a compliance program to enforce these terms. However, these individuals and companies are not affiliated with, and their offers may not reflect updates you make to

3.3 Where required by law to prevent harm or public interest.

We may retain, use, share or disclose your information if we believe it is reasonably necessary to:

Comply with law, regulation, legal process or governmental request

-to protect the safety of anyone, and to protect the integrity of our Platform, including to help prevent spam, abuse, or malicious actors on our Services;

-Explain why content or accounts have been removed from our services (for example, due to a policy violation of

- address fraud, security or technical issues; or protect our rights or property, or the rights or property of those who use our Services.

3.4 With our affiliates.

We may share information with our affiliates to provide our products and services.

3.5 As a result of a change in ownership.

We may share, sell or transfer information about you in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets or bankruptcy. This Privacy Policy applies to your personal information that is shared with (before and after any transaction is closed) or transferred to the new entity.

  1. How long do we keep the information

We keep different types of information for different periods of time:

We keep your profile information and content for the life of your account.

We generally retain other personally identifiable data that we collect when you use our products and services for a maximum of 18 months.

Remember that public content can exist elsewhere even after it has been removed from For example, search engines and other third parties may keep copies of your posts for a longer period, depending on their privacy policies, even after they have been deleted or expired on

- When you violate our rules and your account is suspended, we may keep the identifiers you used to create the account (i.e. email address or phone number) indefinitely to prevent repeat policy violators from creating new accounts.

We may retain certain information for longer than specified by our policies in order to comply with legal requirements and for safety and security reasons.

  1. How can I control my data?

5.1 Access, Correction, and Portability.

You can access, correct or modify the information you have provided to us by editing your profile and modifying your account You can also download a copy of your information, such as your posts You can request that we correct or amend your information and download your account information

To protect your privacy and maintain security, we take steps to verify your identity before granting you access to your personal information or complying with deletion, portability or any other related request. We may, in certain situations, deny your request for access, correction or portability, for example, we may deny access where you are unable to verify your identity.

5.2 Delete your information.

Your account will be deactivated. When deactivated, your account, including your display name, username and public profile, will no longer be viewable on, for iOS, and for Android. For up to 30 days after deactivation, your account can still be restored if it was accidentally or wrongly disabled.

5.3 Objecting to, limiting or withdrawing your consent.

You can manage your privacy settings and other account features. If you change your settings, it may take some time for your choices to be fully reflected throughout our systems. You may also notice changes to your experience on or limitations in your ability to access certain features depending on the settings you have modified. adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (also referred to as “interest-based advertising”) and respects the Consumer Choice Tool to enable you to opt out of interest-based advertising

5.4 Authorized Agent Requests.

To submit a request regarding access to, modification, or deletion of your information, or the information of another person if you are their authorized agent, you may also contact us as specified in the “How to contact” section of the Privacy Policy. We may ask you to provide additional information for verification.

  1. Your rights and ours

We provide to people all over the world and provide many of the same privacy tools and controls to all of our users no matter where they live. However, your experience may differ slightly from users in other countries to ensure that respects local requirements.

6.1 We have specific legal rules for using your information.

We do not sell your personal information.

6.2 We transfer your data to make work for you.

As you use to seamlessly engage in global conversations with people in countries around the world, must transfer information across borders and to different countries around the world to support the secure and reliable service you depend on.

We use data centers and cloud service providers located in many parts of the world to help us provide services taking into account potential risks so that we rely on contractual clauses to guarantee your data rights

  1. Audience

We recommend that parents take into account children if they use under the age of 15

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We review this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed.

If we review this Privacy Policy and make changes that we determine are material, we will provide you with notice and an opportunity to review the revised Privacy Policy before continuing to use

  1. How to contact

You can contact us via our website